Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hans Blix, Chief UN weapons inspector during the lead up to the Iraq war
Steve Carelle: He was on for a short period of time and so this one's not quite finished.

Wes Anderson is a hard man to draw.

Michael Hayden, Head of the CIA. You shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but choosing a man who, when he speaks his moth goes crooked as if he's talking out of the side of it, is a strange choice for the head of a super secrative covert spy agency.

Elderly Jews need food.

I gave some money to charity last year and suddenly the phone has not stopped ringing with people looking for money. My mail box is filled with charity's giving me stickers and little plastic Virgin Marys. But this is by far the strangest cause I've ever been solicited for.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Vay Cay

I've been out of the provice. On a recent road trip from Halifax to Montreal and stops along the way. But now I'm back unfortunatly. so here are some vacation photos.
This fox is soooo relaxed he's out of focus.
This drawing was done in a resturant called eggspectaions. Unfortunatly our eggspectations were not met.
Let me just say this New Brunswick needs to be shortened. There was a lot of car time.
So much so we decided to stop in a charming town of Edmunston. Where the smoke plums never stop. I'm not kidding it was a little unsettleing.
We also stopped to see the longest covered bridge in the world. It was long, I guess....
Some graffiti that littered the bridge. There's nothing like a long covered bridge to declare that Vanessa Kicks and the date she kicked on.
Quebec City was really beautiful. Though there under the chair pumpkin policy was a little demanding. Also if your in quebec city stay at the Lowels Hotel I garuntee you will not be disapointed. Unless your a millionare in wich case you should stay somewhere nicer, but you can still visit there rotating resturant. Yes, it rotates.
The montreal convention center. Colourful

The view from Mount Royal. Thats what they call mountains in Quebec i assume.
It's a prarie dog.
Some sort of manta ray
Penguins, all animals courtesy of the biodome.
A dinosaur poster from the planetarium. If your looking for a good nap the planetaryium is the place for you. I now want a planatarium bedroom. It's like sleeping under the stars, only as a god because you would control the stars.

That white light in the distance is the holiday inn we stayed at in Montreal. It's in chinatown hence the temple up top. While staying there Miss china Montreal was being held. I won.
Here I am about to enjoy a famous Montreal smoked meet sandwich. Inside I was a lot more excited than I look. I have to qualify that A lot.
And here's my traveling partner. She ran thru new brunswick and so it wasn't so long for her. As you can tell from this NON Doctored foto, she is a fast runner. like Atanarjuat.
Here's a better shot while she sat still.
We drove from Montreal to Halifax in one day, and let me make a suggestion DO NOT DO that. It is a very long trip. Even my suit case was tired. look at that poor guy.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Gran Turismo

It's been a while since I've updated. As an explination, these pens from places I've been in the last week and a half.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Glory hole

Michelle Williams from Brokeback Mountain.
Kirk Douglas from Paths of Glory.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Bella Sophia

Two quick sopia Lorens from watching the movie house boat. A charming little picture with her and cary grant that i'm sure will be tricked out, and revamped soon, starring steve martin and queen latifa.